Workspace and Organization

Wouldn’t it be great if e all had a dedicated space to do our Genealogy?  Unfortunately, this isn’t possible for many, so it is important to figure out where you will work, and even more important, where and how you will store your work.  Just as not having enough space is an issue, having too much can also cause problems.  I have a dedicated room, and it has allowed me to be lax in putting things where they belong and I have ended up with an overwhelming amount of piles.  Not good!  Again, I need to learn the valuable lesson of consistency!  Put things where they belong, and be consistent with how you do it.  It will save so much time in the long run.  I have decided to create a binder/file folder system to get started.  I am going to create a binder and a file folder for each surname to start, and then as needed, I can expand the number of files and/or binders as needed.  I have decided not to keep hard copies once I have them digitized but will need file folders or binders for those original documents I want to keep.  I am going to put a label in each of them requesting they be donated to the local historical society should anything happen to me!