Binders and Folders

As intend to a digital storage system, so I have minimal binders and folders.  I am going to create a binder and a folder for each of my grandparents families and I will keep all information that has not been digitized in them.

Each grandparent will have their own color so I can easily grab the binder or folder I need.  I will have four for myself and four for my Husband. I will keep anything with a married name in the Grandfather notebook, but anything with a maiden name in the Grandmother notebook.   This could be a little overwhelming at first as I have accumulated so many pieces of paper and I am not sure what I have already digitized so I will be spending the next week or so trying to at least organize by surname so I can begin the arduous task of organizing it all.  I guess I will get some envelopes too to keep those wiley odd sized pieces of paper organized. So, I am off to Staples to find my supplies.  I hope they have enough different colors for me to create this system!